Memory Card Video to DVD or Blu-ray Disc

Memory Card Video Conversion to DVD and Bluray Disc
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Price $25.95

Memory Card Video to DVD or Blu-ray Disc

This service package, as priced, is for conversion from video memory cards to DVD. 

Our unmatched, comprehensive video conversion package is offered at a convenient price, without sacrificing the quality. Your video content will be captured and restored using the best equipment in the industry and stored on commercial grade durable media. We take pride in our product and we make sure no job leaves our studio without a comprehensive quality check.

Please input the number of hours in the Qty field and select the output format desired. Then add it to your shopping cart. You may purchase duplicates of the DVD or Blu-ray Disc by adding the item "additional copies" to your shopping cart. After purchasing the service package online, you must send the media in for processing along with a copy of the receipt.

If you don't know the specifics of your card you may send it in for evaluation. Once we receive and evaluate your originals we will contact you with a report and a price quote. 

Output Formats

1. Premium DVD

This level of service includes a high quality transfer to DVD together with superior packaging and is highly recommended for saving and archiving your video memories.

  • Superior quality, workstation based dual-pass transfer (same as for commercial DVDs)
  • Video grade DVD media, custom ordered for maximum durability and playability   
  • Custom title printed direct on the DVD surface using an industrial process (thermal transfer)
  • DVD Amaray case with custom insert

2. Blu-ray Disc
The video is captured and converted to BRD format. 

3. H-264 on USB Flash Drive
The video material is compressed using the H-264 codec and delivered on a suitable USB Flash Drive (a.k.a. “Thumb Drive”). It may be copied to a computer, IPhone, IPad and other similar devices. It may also be played in USB compatible TV-sets. 

4. DV / HDV on External Hard Drive (not included)
The video material is converted to DV or HDV codec suitable for computer editing (depending on the format of the existing media). The customer must provide his own external hard drive with at least 20 GB of space per hour of video captured. If you will not provide your own USB drive, you may purchase one from us by going to "OPTIONS" and add the item "Output to USB hard drive" to your shopping cart. 


  • Maximum length per file (as priced) is 60 minutes. Longer files are subject to additional charges.
  • Maximum number of files per card as quoted is 20. Additional charges apply for cards with more than 20 files.
  • Accepted file formats are DV, HDV MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 (H264). All other formats are subject to additional processing charges. 
  • Editing or extensive restoration tasks are not included in this service package. Poorly recorded media must be sent for verification.
  • AVRestore reserves the right to refuse originals with objectionable content (sexually explicit, violent, slanderous, defamatory, which invades the privacy of others, etc.).
  • By ordering AVRestore services via website or direct, the customer warrants that he/she has the right to permit AVRestore to perform the services requested on copyrighted materials and takes full responsibility for the transfer.
  • Cancelled orders are subject to shipping, handling and processing fees.
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