Eight-Track Cartridge Conversion to Audio CD or MP3 Flash Drive

8-Track conversion services
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Eight-Track Audio Cartridge Conversion

This service package is for conversion / digitizing of Stereo 8, commonly known as the eight-track cartridge, eight-track tape, or simply eight-track, popular in the United States from the mid-1960s through the early 1980s, in consumer 8-Track recorders, car players and stereo HI-FI components. Please check the photos for examples and dimensions. 

Our unmatched, comprehensive audio conversion package is offered at a convenient price, without sacrificing the quality. Your audio content will be captured and restored using the best equipment in the industry and stored on commercial grade durable media. We take pride in our product and we make sure no job leaves our studio without a detailed quality check. 

Please select number of your originals and the service options, then add it to your shopping cart. You may purchase duplicates of the CD by adding the item "additional CD copies" to your shopping cart. After purchasing the service package online, you must send the tapes in for processing along with a copy of the receipt.

If your tape needs restoration you may send it in for evaluation. Once we receive and evaluate your original we will contact you with a detailed report and a non-committing price quote.  



Audio CD

As with any off-the-shelf music CD, it can be played in stand-alone CD players, boom boxes, HI-FI audio components, car CD players and computers with CD playback software installed. You may purchase duplicates of the CD by adding the option item "Additional CD copies" to your shopping cart. 

USB Flash Drive

The audio material is encoded to MP3 Pro format (other options such as FLAC, WAVE or AAC are available on request), and delivered on a suitable USB Flash Drive (a.k.a. “Thumb Drive”). It may be copied to a computer, IPhone, IPad and other similar devices. It may also be played in USB compatible HI-FI audio components and car audio systems.



All our services include:

  • High-end commercial grade capture and playback equipment, best in the industry.
  • Audio grade CD media (CD option), custom ordered for maximum durability and playability.  
  • The quality of the transfer and of the media is guaranteed to be equal or better to similar services offered by leading competitors.
  • Audio CD Red Book standard guaranteed.
  • Quick digital audio restoration: We developed a unique digital restoration process using the finest tools available today in the audio recording industry. Audiotapes have specific problems such as hiss, clicks and hum. The recording loses quality due to aging of the media and mechanical degradation. Once processed, your Audio CD will sound louder and clearer with less background noise than the original.
  • Manual tracks (songs) separation: Our technicians listen to your recording and manually create breaks. This process is also recommended for narration tapes, which will be split into equal or logical segments for easy navigation on the CD. Most CD players do not offer "fast forwarding" within the same track, only skipping from one track to another. Automated tracks separation commonly used in our industry always generates false tracks by splitting the songs in the middle (whenever the machine detects a quieter spot) or by adding multiple tracks in the un-recorded portions of the original. 
  • Peace of mind: We keep a backup copy of your program on our in-house servers for a period of at least 30 days. In the unlikely event that any problem occurs within this time period, you may call us for inexpensive additional copies, without sending the originals.
  • Custom title (Audio CD option) printed direct on the CD surface using an industrial process (thermal transfer). Unlike the commonly used inexpensive ink-jet CD printers (which create fuzzy images that smear in contact with humidity), the printing looks and feels the same as store bought mass produced CDs.
  • Prioritized Expedited Processing - usually 5-7 business days plus shipping time for projects consisting of 25 originals or less. *



  • Prices are per tape. Each tape will be transferred to a separate CD / CD set. Maximum Audio CD length is 74 minutes. If the tape exceeds 74 minutes, it will be transferred to multiple CDs. We do not offer discounts for partially recorded media.
  • Adding several short tapes to the same CD: To initiate such a project you must send the original media for verification along with a detailed editing decision list. No analog consumer tapes have time code recorded on the tape. Therefore, the time / counter reading on your deck will be different than the one on our machines. We suggest positioning the tape at the beginning of the desired segment and indicate the length of it in minutes and seconds. Please be aware that such projects usually cost more than transferring each tape individually.
  • The quality of the resulting digital media is highly dependent on the quality of the original.
  • Few tapes are recorded in mono on a ¼ track machine. Such audiotapes require 2 full passes (back and forth) to complete the transfer. In this particular case you will be charged the cost of 2 service units.

* The turnaround times are only an estimate and are not guaranteed. Based on our 20+ years history we exceeded the above estimates on 95% of the projects. Our workload may increase during the government financial year closing, holidays and scheduled maintenance cycles. If your projects are time sensitive or larger than 25 originals, please contact us for an up-to-date estimate.

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